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6 сентября 2020 года в семье Сологуб произошло долгожданное событие – родился Вовчик!

Молодой человек с огромными голубыми глазами и взглядом мудреца. Всё прошло прекрасно, малыш здоров! Родители не могли нарадоваться тому, что теперь у них есть сын! В 2 месяца после посещения невролога их жизнь перевернулась. Врач заподозрила неладное и предложила госпитализацию.

On September 16th,2020 the long awaited event took place in the Sologub family – Vova was born!

A boy with big blue eyes and a wise look. All went well, the baby was healthy! His parents could be
happier that they have a son now! During the neurologist’s visit around 2 months their life has
changed. The doctor has suspected some serious health issues and has suggested to run the tests in
the hospital. In the hospital the neurologist has suggested straight away that it was SMA Type 1
They have run some genetic tests hoping that their suspicions were wrong. Unfortuantely, the worst
came true – it was SMA! Sever and ruthless.. The illness that first imobilises the child and than robs
him of the ability to breath indipendently.

Now Vova is 3,5 months and he is still in the hospital. He cannot hold head, move legs, turn, do
things that a healthy baby does without a trouble. In order to save their child, his parents have
started raising money to get the Zolgensma shot, which would give him a normal life without the
tubes, cables and the wheelchair. The cost of this drug is beyond reality = 2,125,000 US$, which
corresponds to 160,000,000 Russian Rubles.
Vova’s parents believe that there are kind people, who will help them overcome these difficulties
and be close to their son!

Thank you for helping Vova Sologub!

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Vadim Sorokin

На данный момент Вадим получил 4 загрузочные дозы препарата “Спинраза”. Однако, данный препарат является лишь поддерживающей терапией, но для того, чтобы остановить заболевание, Вадику необходим всего 1 укол препарата «Золгенсма», но его стоимость непосильна для простой семьи.

Диагноз: Спинальная мышечная атрофия (СМА) 2 типа
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