Saveliy Boiko
2 years 5 months
Summ 64,237.38₽
Оказана помощь: Zolgensma

8 июня 2020 года на свет появился крошечный мальчонка, блондин с голубыми глазами Савушка. Он как две капли воды похож на своего старшего братика.

Родился Савелий в срок, абсолютно здоровым ребёнком, но счастье родителей было не долгим и уже к 2 месяцам, родители начали замечать у него отставание в развитии. Он совершенно не держал головку, лежа на животике не мог поднять её и плакал, а ручки висели как будто плети и совсем его не слушались.

June 18th, 2020 a little baby was born, a blond with blue eyes, Saveliy. He is a
copy of his older brother.
He was born on terms, an absolutely healthy baby, but his parents happiness
was given when they started to notice around 2 months that he did not hold his
head and while on his tummy he could not pick it up and cried, while the hands
were hanging and did not obey him.
The local paediatrician has noted that “ the baby was healthy, although his
limbs are less tonic, which was not a problem”.
After the visit at the neurologist’s, the doctor has sent them urgently to see the
genetic specialist and to run all the necessary tests/
September 30th, 2020 when Saveliy was 3,5 months he was finally diagnosed
with SMA Type 1 The world has turned upside down for his family, as it was the
worst suspicion come true. SMA Type 1 is the most aggressive type of this
illness. The irreversible effects may take place any time. This illness cause the
atrophy of muscles starting with limbs, than the lung and cardio muscles till the
child is unable to east and breath independently.
Right now Save is holding head only when he is in vertical position, when his
relatives hold him, while crying when on his tummy because he does not have
strength to pull himself up and see the world. He would like to discover it so
Today only Zolgensma can save Saveliy’s life by giving him the ability to breath
and to live his life fully. But its costs is over 2,000,000 US$. The treatment is
necessary now as SMA can worsen the situation any moment.
We need your help to win this illness! In order to save ONE, but so important

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