Denisov Saveliy
9 years 9 months
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У Савелия диагностировали страшный диагноз спинально- мышечная атрофия 3 типа.

У Савелия очень много дел: школа , бассейн, кружок по английскому.

Для всего этого ему необходима специальная коляска!

Савелию она очень необходима, чтобы он мог быть более самостоятельным: передвигаться по школе и гулять на улице с младшей сестрёнкой Юлей!

Please, meet Saveliy from Volgograd. He is 7 years.
He is interested in dinasaurs, he has the whole collection made of Lego!
Saveliy loves animals and has asked his parents to gift him with a kitten.
Saveliy was diagnosed with SMA Type 3 This disease cause the atrophy of the brain motoneurons
that causes the loss of all the motor skills. As of today Saveliy cannot walk. Everyday he looks out
of the window how other boys run and play the soccer. Saveliy loves his parents: mom Marina, dad
Vitaliy and his little sister Julia.
They have a very ordinary family, but they are doing their best to bring more colors to his life..
He is very busy: school, pool, English lessons.
All this requires a special wheelchair! Saveliy really needs it to be independent: to move around
school and have a stroll with his little sister!

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